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On the 5th of September 1986 the Laudium Cancer Care Group (LLCG) was formed. Founding members included Dahya Pillay, Majida Ravat , Juby Dockrat , Noorjhaan Cassim , Mariam Bhika , Mariam Ismail , Arvinda Gordan , Roshan Mohammed and Manuben Parboo.
LLCG was formed to provide supportive care to cancer patients and their families.
In 2005 the Laudium Cancer Care Hospice was formed. The Hospice provided palliative end-of-life care and also accepted patients for Respite Care for short periods of time, when caregiver families required some assistance.
Unfortunately due to lack of funding the Hospice closed down in 2007.
Volunteers continued over the years to provide support to cancer patients in a variety of local areas and raised funds to supplement and frequent these visits with the services of different nurses. Consistent visitation patterns were carried out by different nurses over the years, they included: Chairpersons over the years: