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In adult men, the most common forms of cancer are prostate cancer, bowel cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer. Adult women are most often diagnosed with breast cancer, bowel cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer.

Cancers affecting children generally differ from those affecting adults. Childhood cancers usually occur in different parts of the body and are not usually linked to lifestyle or environmental factors. They tend to be more responsive to chemotherapy, and children often tolerate the treatments better. (Cancer Council)

Elderly people experience cancer as an age disease. Whatever age it is detected, be sure get the correct medical advice as each person’s body is different, so what worked for some may not work for another, keep a strong mind and don’t give up the fight.

(Reference: https://www.cancerwa.asn.au/resources/2015-07-21-Cancer-in-the-school-community-rev-ed.pdf )